My Favorite Things…

December 9th, 2006 | View Comments

…that I don’t have.

A friend commented today that my Amazon wish list is “knitting heavy.” I told him that it didn’t contain the half of it, as Amazon’s selection of yarn and other knitting supplies is woefully nonexistent.

In addition to the very enticing Victorian Lace Today and Cables Untangled, among many other knitting books, and the horribly out-of-place The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death (I have weird fascinations with miniatures and true crime), here is a list of things that I hope, hope! I might get for Christmas or my birthday:

Speaking of yarn, here’s a peek into my stash.

Somewhat solid silk yarn from Sundara

This is the silver-blue over ice somewhat solid yarn from Sundara yarn, destined to become a Print o’ the Wave stole for me, or I may try to design something.

Cherry Tree Hill supersock solids

Two skeins of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solids. Originally I was planning on making some Bayerische socks with the white, but now I may put one or both skeins towards some Endpaper Mitts or Anemoi Mittens. I really love Eunny’s work. *le sigh*

A pile of Cascade 220

And finally, a pile of Cascade 220 for a felted bag. This may wind up being my winter break project. The bag I have in mind is a simple knit, but with a different sort of construction than the usual knit-in-the-round felted bag. I may try to write up this pattern and submit it to Magknits or Knitty.

In other news, the Achernar scarf is done and blocking. I really like the finished product. Pictures (and maybe the pattern) tomorrow, hopefully!

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