Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

August 30th, 2009 | View Comments

So I finished the Cobijita Floresita blanket. After knitting 13 petals for a 10-petal flower. I discovered after the seventh petal that I’d mis-counted the rows on three of them. Riiiip, and re-crochet. But now it’s done. This is how it looks blocking.

Cobijita Floresita blanket, blocking

And then I frogged a bunch of stuff to re-claim the yarn.

Reclaimed yarn

On the left, seven hanks of Cascade 220 reclaimed from that intarsia bag that I never felted. Then some tan Cascade 220 reclaimed from a large swatch. And finally, some Mission Falls 1824 wool superwash rescued from a sweater my brother was knitting (and mostly completed) but never finished due to fit and construction issues.

I also started a hat project. About five times because I kept changing my mind about the design of the hat. Ribbing or no? Two-by-two ribbing or one-by-one? Long tail or tubular cast-on? I thought the sixth time would take, but it turns out that the hat is sized to fit a basketball, not a human head. Riiiiiiiiiiiip.

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  1. whitney says:

    The blanket turned out great!