The Swatch is Good

November 2nd, 2007 | View Comments

Remember Rogue? And the size issues? And the hair-drying and the dryer-drying and the frogging?

I learned my lesson. Behold, a proper swatch:

The swatch for Rogue

In the background, we have the not one, but two swatches I did for Hourglass. In the round, like a swatch for a seamless in-the-round sweater should be. Hourglass is done, by the way, and is blocking as we speak.

In the foreground, the swatch for Rogue. The bottom half of the swatch is in the round. The top half of the swatch is flat. The swatch was washed and blocked. I get gauge in the round and in the flat. The Swatch is Good. Time to cast on!

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