Project Problems

January 25th, 2009 | View Comments

Behold my latest Saturday Sewing, the pencil bag from Craftlog:

Pencil bag

Saturday Erranding did wind up taking precedence over Saturday Sewing, but do not be deceived: what you see here is something like four hours of work. My seam ripper and I are the best of friends now; I attempted that topstitching three times before it came out straight. And now the zipper isn’t laying flat. I think I know what went wrong; I’m trying to decide if I should rip the whole thing out and just start over because I am Super Anal Retentive like that. Update: ripped and re-sewn. Much better now.

Lesson learned: when installing zippers, baste early, baste often. Marking a straight line on the fabric would probably help too, at least until I figure out how exactly I’m supposed to use my bizarro zipper foot. Update: I just needed to move the needle to the center position to get sewing in the right places.

On the knitting front, I’ve been working on a Sleepy Snake. It has a head now, which will hopefully make people realize that I when I say I’m knitting “a snake”, I mean a literal snake.

Why is this under Project Problems? The problem is not with the pattern. The pattern is wonderful and well-written. But you know how knitting projects sort of develop personalities? Well, my Sleepy Snake didn’t really like being toothless, and uh…

Sleepy Snake

I hope they give him indigestion.

(But seriously, are you as amazed as I am by how realistic the head shaping is?)

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