Achernar on Public Radio!

February 6th, 2009 | View Comments

One word from the radio show kept tickling my brain. AY-what? Some astronomical mumbo-jumbo. AY-ka-something? Magnitude, constellations, blah blah blah, AY-ker-nar? OMG, they’re talking about Achernar!

The star, of course, not the cabled scarf knitting pattern.

Turns out I’ve been mis-pronouncing it in my head all along.

Shedir is named for a star and so naturally I turned to the heavens for inspiration in naming the scarf I designed as a companion to Shedir. The patterning on the scarf seemed to suggest a flowing river, so I hunted around for a river constellation and named the scarf after Achernar, the brightest star in Eridanus.

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