Redesign: All Clear! (I Hope)

January 12th, 2009 | View Comments

Aaaand we’re done! If you notice something looks weird or doesn’t work, please either leave a comment or e-mail me. Be sure to note:

In case you’ve forgotten already, here’s what the blog used to look like:

Old CogKnition layout

The new design has the same feel as the old one, but should load faster and it makes better use of the available screen space. The trade-off is that it’s less friendly to those at 800×600 and below.

Less Obvious Changes:

Plus lots of nifty changes to the backend that make my life easier.

And remember that scarf pattern? It will be up later this week. A sneak peek (unless you’ve already seen my Ravelry projects):

The Amy Scarf

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  1. porpoise says:

    I like the redesign! It’s easier to read, at least for me. Did you have that cable (on the left side) before? If so, I never noticed it – nice.

    And I’ll be waiting anxiously for that scarf pattern…

  2. graciechiao says:

    can’t wait for the cool pattern… of course, i already have a million and two scarves, but what’s another one, right? :)

  3. Wonderful new design. The name of your blog caught my eye – very clever!