What to Knit, What to Knit

July 7th, 2009 | View Comments

So uh, I’m down to one project on the needles again. And the Tangled Yoke Cardigan is mired in a sea of stockinette. You know what that means: One Project Paralysis. Must cast on something new!

However, I am (chronically) on a yarn diet. Considering the limits of space, budget, and sanity, this is the best thing, trust me. Thus I need to cast on something from stash. But I’m not sure what! Tell me, help me! What should I knit?

  1. Lace. I have a skein of Sundara silk earmarked for a scarf/wrap thing for my mother-in-law. It’s a beautiful pink with the occasional streak of sage green. I was thinking of making one of these, but am open to other suggestions.

    Alpine knit scarf, p. 36 Myrtle leaf shawl, p. 142
  2. Socks. There are quite a few options here, but the downside is that all this sock yarn has been earmarked for my own designs. Or it might be an upside, depending on how you feel about my designs—if you like them, you might vote to kick me off my duff and get one done. The percolating designs are:

    • Purple all-over lace sock
    • White sock with lace cuff and eyelets down the leg and foot
    • Hot pink heavily-cabled sock
    • Blue-green sock with one cable panel
  3. Toy. I’ve got yarn to make a toy version of an oomingmack.
  4. Sweater. I’ve got the yarn for these:
    Vintage Pink Cardigan Venezia Sweater

    Probably not the Vintage Pink Cardigan, as that’s also a sea of stockinette, but maybe the Venezia, which has colorwork to keep it interesting and would be perfect for knitting to podcasts.

Thoughts? Suggestions? What do you want to see me knit?

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  1. graciechiao says:

    ooo… the lace! the lace! it’s so pretty. what pattern is that? another option is the hanami stole. pink w/ green streaks would go perfectly… like cherry blossoms. :)

    • Yvonne says:

      The colorway is actually called Cherry Blossom! It was one of Sundara’s limited editions a while back.

      Both of those lace patterns are from Victorian Lace Today; the first is the Alpine Knit Scarf and the second is the Myrtle Leaf Shawl.