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The last project with tiny cables that I did were the Denmark Socks, finished nearly a year ago. Long enough for me to forget how much my wrists hate extended cabling with skinny yarn. Or really any fancy maneuvering with skinny yarn.

I blame the Blunti Stumpos. Working cables in fingering-weight yarn with regular Addis is like folding origami with oven mitts on, but more painful. It’s frustrating, requires a lot of contorted finagling to do what I want, and it makes my carpal tunnel flare like no other.

I have thus resigned myself to withdrawing from the Ravelympics I never entered to begin with. I will finish the socks later this month, after I give my wrists a rest. So I leave you with this photo, taken right after I finished the gusset decreases and was on the homestretch to Olympic glory.

Bayerische Socks at the Olympics

P.S. Part of this photo is faked.

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