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In Which I Ponder Summer Knitting

March 13th, 2008 | Comments Off

Spring 2008 Interweave Knits's Auburn Camp Shirt

Given that the Auburn Camp Shirt was selected for Knitting Daily’s spring gallery, I strongly suspect that I’m not the only one who’s rather smitten with this top.

I love the little details, the subtle texture of the fabric, the turned-up cuffs (though I’d probably sew down that top to keep myself from going crazy). It has a nice fitted shape that can still be layered over a camisole. This seems like it would be eminently wearable for most of the year in Texas.

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Sweater Life Cycle

September 8th, 2007 | 3 Comments

Embryo sweaters:

Reclaimed yarn from the Hourglass Sweater and Rogue

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