Meet Team CogKnition

June 5th, 2006 | View Comments

[The camera swoops in from somewhere scenic and focuses on a wind-blown man with a distinctive New Zealand accent walking among scores of knitters who are stitching away excitedly.]

Phil: I’m standing on the roof of some famous building in some scenic part of the country, where…lots and lots of teams…will depart from their everyday knitting and embark on a lace around the world.

Teams consist of one individual and one piece of lace who don’t have much of a pre-existing relationship. Contestants will be lacing around the world in teams of two without the benefit of…well, they’ll pretty much still have everything they normally have.

But they’ll also have each other! Or something like that. Yvonne and Print o’ the Wave Stole are roommates from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They haven’t lived with each other long and hope that they won’t kill each other during their time on the lace.

[Camera cuts to the swinging (ok, not really swinging) grad pad where Yvonne and Print o' the Wave Stole live.]

Photo of Yvonne and the Print 'o the Wave Stole

Yvonne: Even though we might have some communication issues, I still think we’ll be a strong team. I mean, I’m a grad student so I’m good at thinking through tough situations, and she’s a piece of lace, so she’s good at…looking pretty.

Print o’ the Wave Stole: [Looks pretty.]

Yvonne: People tend to underestimate pretty…things…so we might be able to turn that to our advantage.

Print o’ the Wave Stole: [Looks underestimated.]

Yvonne: I just hope I won’t have to carry her through the whole lace. [to Print o’ the Wave Stole] You can pull your own weight, right?

Print o’ the Wave Stole: [Shoots Yvonne a look like, "Are you kidding me? If I had eyes, I'd be rolling them. You've at least gotta block me first."]

[Camera cuts back to the rooftop, where Phil is still walking and talking, and knitters are still knitting. Why are we all on the roof? No reason, other than it’s traditional for The Amazing Race to open with a shot of Phil on a roof.]

Phil: Can these teams knit together for thousands of yards of ridiculously skinny yarn? Who will have the right combination of brains, brawn, and teamwork to win the skein of Helen’s Lace? These are the questions that weigh most heavily as we get ready to begin…The Amazing Lace.

The world is waiting…GO!

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  1. Bliss says:

    Your partner is a lace of few words! but she sure does look pretty! Can’t wait to see her when she’s finished.

  2. Yvonne says:

    Yeah, unfortunately she’s the bottle-your-emotions, give-the-silent-treatment type. I wish she’d just tell me when I’ve done something wrong, but noooooooooo, I have to discover for myself that I dropped a yarnover and that’s why we’re not getting along.

    It can be difficult, living with lace.