Exorcising Cursed Yarn

February 8th, 2009 | View Comments

Once upon a time I bought 11 skeins of Cascade 220 for two different felted bag projects. Both were intarsia patterns of my own design. One was easy, one was hard.

I knit up the easy intarsia bag. I charted the hard intarsia pattern.

And then I stopped.

Because you know what? I hate felting. And I hate intarsia. And simultaneously inflicting both on myself not just once, but twice? Clearly I’d gone cuckoo in the head.

And so the yarn and non-felted bag sat in my stash for two years. 2420 yards of yarn that I no longer had any use for. Now clearly I’m doing something wrong here, but yarn in my house gets mighty pissy if it isn’t already earmarked for a specific project. I hear it muttering yarny threats at me when I walk by, demanding to be made into something pretty or else it will smother me while I sleep.

Why no, I’m not the least bit neurotic, why do you ask?

Once the yarn has devolved into this mildly-evil state, there is only one solution: knit (or crochet) it up and give it to charity. Infusing the yarn with good karma soothes it and makes it happy again.

Given that I’m dealing with a whopping lot of 100% feltable yarn, I decided to crochet a blanket for the current Afghans 4 Afghans campaign. I cast on (chained on?) last week…

Start of a Stripy Throw

…and see? The yarn is already feeling better.

One Third of a Stripy Throw

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  1. porpoise says:

    Oooooo…it’s grown since I saw it last! I like the pink and red combo. Looks good.