In Rogue, Too!

March 21st, 2006 | View Comments

So I wore my Rogue sweater today for the first time. Today was supposed to be the coldest day of the week, a balmy 32 degrees, and good sweater weather. Rogue got lots of oohs and aahs from my fellow grad students, lots of “nice sweater…YOU MADE THAT?” which made me feel good.

And then something totally random but totally cool happened.

I was waiting for the bus after class and chatting with a friend. The bus was just pulling up when another girl wearing a blue Rogue walks by! I said to her, “I am totally wearing that same sweater” (I think I was a valley girl in a past life) and as she took her headphones off and was all, “what?” I unzipped my jacket and pointed to Rogue’s distinctive neck cabling.

Then there was about 30 seconds worth of rapid knitting-related gab–I was also wearing My So-Called Scarf, which she spotted right away–and then I had to run for the bus.

If I see her again I’ll have to get her name and see if she wants to join my off-and-on knitting/embroiding/beading/tv watching circle.

But yeah: neat, huh? It’s like: fellow knitter? Instant kinship!

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  1. Jane says:

    OMG that sweater is way cool. So awesome that you made it – even cooler. PS Valley girls have more fun.