Omusubi Obake

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Finished Omusubi Obake

Pattern: Omusubi Obake, from Amigurumi de Yuyuri (Leisurely Amigurumi)
Hook: D 3.0mm
Yarn: Pittsburgh, #9143; Plymouth Encore, #1232 and #217; scraps

An omusubi is a rice ball wrapped with a piece of nori, or dried seaweed; an obake is a kind of ghost or spirit. This little rice ball ghostie appeared last night and started haunting our kitchen.

Finished Omusubi Obake

He seemed pretty at home in our box of curry mixes.

Finished Omusubi Obake

And of course stopped to pay respects to the package of nori.

Finished Omusubi Obake

But eventually he decided to haunt the box of Taiwanese pineapple cakes. I think I will too; I’m hungry!

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