Japanese Knot Bag

January 18th, 2009 | View Comments

Finished Japanese Knot Bag

Fabric: Two fat quarters
Pattern: Japanese Knot Bag

Success! The finished bag is about 5″ in diameter and 7″ high, excluding the handles. It’s the perfect size for two cakes of Cascade 220.

I chose a couple of basic cotton prints that I like, but didn’t love. This was so I wouldn’t cry if I royally screwed it up.

Cutting and pinning went smoothly.

Pieces of the Japanese Knot Bag

And then I successfully wound a bobbin in not-quite-matching thread.

Bobbin success!

As I started sewing for real, two things happened:

  1. I got so absorbed in it that I forgot to take more progress photos
  2. It seemed…easier…than I remembered

At some point I realized that this was my first time sewing on a machine with modern accoutrements. Quite possibly my first time sewing on a machine not older than me, actually. I don’t know if things like quick-set bobbins and speed control really make that much of a difference in the ease of sewing or if I’m just Older and Wiser, but straight seams came with very little effort. Unlike my previous sewing projects, which all are covered with meandering top-stitching.

I did hit a few snags due to seams that didn’t line up properly, but I made the seam ripper my friend and it all came out ok. :) It won’t win any construction awards, but it’s presentable on both sides!

Japanese Knot Bag, Side 1
Japanese Knot Bag, Side 2

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  1. porpoise says:

    I love this bag. Makes me consider breaking out my (definitely much older then me) sewing machine to try it out. Nice job!