Endpaper Mitts

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Endpaper Mitts, finished

Pattern: Endpaper Mitts, by Eunny
Yarn: RYC Cashsoft 4-Ply, #420 Papyrus and #423 Monet
Needles: Addi Turbos, US1 (2.5mm) and US2 (3mm)

These are my new favorite fingerless mitts. The double thickness and the snug fit make them very comfortable and very warm. They were a little tight just off the needles, but a good soak and blocking loosened them up just enough to fit perfectly. The pattern actually calls for a US0 for the ribbed portions; I used a US1 because that’s the smallest needle I own. It turned out to be just the right size, I think. Any tighter and the ribbing would be pinching my thumb.

KathyMarie asked: Are they lilac and light lime colored?

Lilac, yes. Lime…depends on the lime. The ribbing color is called “Papyrus” and is a sort of taupe/khaki color that hints at grey and green. If you had a key lime pie that had started to grow fuzz, you might wind up with this color.

In retrospect, Cashsoft 4-Ply is not a great yarn for this project, although it is definitely soft and nice against the skin. The yarn is a bit fuzzy, which obscures the colorwork a bit, and really isn’t meant for a hard-wearing item like fingerless mitts. I’m sure I’ll make a second pair at some point, but definitely in a different yarn.

Closeup of colorwork pattern

Here’s a closeup of the colorwork pattern. There is a teentsy error in the pattern as written. You should have 74 stitches before forming the thumb (56 sts cast on + 18 sts increased), not 75 like it says.

I knit the mitts in two-fisted Fair Isle fashion, with the purple in my right hand and the taupe in my left. I thought this would cause taupe to be dominant over the purple, as discussed in one of Eunny’s followup entries, but it turns out the purple was dominant over the taupe. I think it might be because I knit much more loosely in English than I do in continental. In any case, the next time I do a two-color pattern, the pattern color is going in my right hand.

And now, to ponder what to knit next…

What to knit next?

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  1. KathyMarie says:

    Beeeyoooteeful! I can see the khaki/taupe color now that you say it. They look so refined and sophisticated. Great work!

  2. jen says:

    Very Very Nice! Lovely!