Book Review: Shibori Knits

October 2nd, 2008 | Comments Off

Cover of Shibori Knits

Author: Gina Wilde
Publisher: Potter Craft
Rating: 4 Skeins
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I first read about shibori felting techniques a while ago, and my first was that the result looked…diseased. Like Starr’s infamous tumor dress from Project Runway metastasizing to knitting. Though sometimes tying bottlecaps and whatnot to your perfectly good knitting would produce a more benign condition, say hives. Or pox.

I hoped that Shibori Knitting would show me a softer, prettier side of shibori. And it did. Thanks to Potter Craft for sending me a review copy.

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Book Review: Tweed

April 7th, 2008 | 1 Comment

Cover of Tweed

Author: Nancy J. Thomas
Publisher: Potter Craft
Rating: 4 Skeins
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Once again, the copy I am reviewing was generously provided by Potter Craft. Tweed is a combination knitting history/pattern book scheduled to be released on Tuesday. If you pre-order it now, Amazon will give you an extra 5% off.

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Book Review: Kaffe Knits Again

November 19th, 2007 | Comments Off

Cover of Kaffe Knits Again

Author: Kaffe Fassett
Publisher: Potter Craft
Rating: 3.5 Skeins
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For all my book reviews prior to this, I have either bought the books myself or they were given to me as gifts. This review is different, as Potter Craft was kind enough to send me a review copy of Kaffe Knits Again. I don’t think this has biased my view of the book in any way, but I thought I would share this information in the interest of full disclosure.

This book is my introduction to Kaffe Fassett. I had heard of him, read a few interviews, and even glimpsed a few patterns of his here and there, but he was sort a nebulous entity in the back of my head as The Color Guy. And now that this book has introduced me to Kaffe Fassett, I have to say, he’s definitely The Color Guy.

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