Warning: Startitis is Contagious

August 27th, 2006 | View Comments

When I first read KathyMarie’s post on startitis, I figured I was immune. I tend to be a two-project knitter—one project for toting and stealing a few stitches while waiting at bus stops and one project for sitting and knitting away while I watch TV.

So when I finished Quinn and the Print o’ the Wave stole in one fell swoop, I figured I’d just pick out a couple more projects, cast on, and be fine. As it turns out, a bout of finishitis renders one very susceptible to startitis, because, well…look:

Startitis, indeed

I’ve started all these projects within the last week.

Given that startitis is so obviously contagious, public health officials would probably put me in quarantine if they knew that I had it. But they don’t, so I’m going to post about my new projects in hopes of infecting you all.

Assuming, of course, that any of you aren’t already infected.

The goldenrod cabled piece is the start of the back of the Cabled Rib Sweater w/Hood from Debbie Bliss: The Baby Knits Book. I’ve got a library copy of the book right now; my own should be winging its way here from Amazon right now. This project should be worth double karma points: using up stash AND knitting for the Dulaan Project.

The green basketweave piece is Prentice, or my knitted poster carrier come to life. It’s knit out of Tahki Cotton Classic. Plans for a yoga mat bag are also in the works. Free pattern to be posted…whenever I get to it.

In the bottom right corner we have half of a Target Wave Mitten from Knitting Nature, which also appeared in the current issue of Interweave Knits. I really had no intention of knitting these at all until about 10am this morning. But I kept looking at them, and they kept growing on me, and when it occurred to me that these would make a dent in my leftover Plymouth Encore and give me more things to send to Dulaan, startitis took over.

And finally, we have the Embossed Leaves Socks from the winter 2005 Interweave, which I’ve been dying to start since Claudia posted hers. I was going to wait a while longer, at least until I finished something else, but then startitis reared its head and I knew that if I didn’t cast on a pair of socks right now, I would probably drop dead.

Terrible, isn’t it? I don’t think I’ve ever had this many projects going at once, ever.

And now it’s time for me to go off and infect the members of my knitting group. Whee!

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  1. KathyMarie says:

    I knew it! I knew this stuff is contagious! I just talked to a knit group member and she’s been casting on all weekend. We are so in trouble.

    Your beginnings all look great, by the way! Good luck keeping up with all of them. :)

  2. Charity says:

    You’re right – I’ve wrestled with this illness before, and it is highly contagious! If I didn’t already have too many projects on the needles myself, I would go start something right now! In fact, maybe I will anyway! :0)

  3. Tania A says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of stuff to start! But the yarns look scrumptious, and you seem determined! Hopefully, it’ll inspire me to get moving on my planned projects!

  4. Claudia says:

    Heh heh heh – I’m right there with you. :-)I seem to be starting endless projects these days and finishing none! The Embossed Leaves socks are still waiting for sock #2! :-(

  5. alliesw says:

    Startitis–I have it too, and I am CONVINCED it is contagious. But it sure is fun!

  6. Rita Jones says:

    I am really itching to knit after seeing those beauties.