Knitting on the Brain

April 8th, 2007 | View Comments

It’s that point in the semester when workaholism is the only way to survive. Friday night was the first time in close to a week that I even touched needles and yarn, what with all the hours getting my new study up and running and all the studying for my systems neurobiology exam.

Systems neurobiology exam, eh? Didn’t I just have one of those, not that long ago? Yes, yes I did.

But even with all the work, my brain never strays that far from the land of knitting. Take this page from my class notes:

Page from systems neurobiology notes

Do you see it? Buried amidst all the scribbles about cranial nerves and cervical ganglion, there is something to make a knitter smile.

See it yet? Let’s take a closer look:

Page from systems neurobiology notes, closeup

Apparently your tear glands look like sheep!

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