Beaded Wire Votive Sleeves, One Dozen

January 2nd, 2007 | View Comments

Red and green votive sleeves

Pattern: A knock-off of the wire Menorah/votive sleeves from Handknit Holidays


Needles: 10in. straight metal needles in size US10

Teal, blue, purple, and gold votive sleeves

This was another case of Grumperina envy. Not owning Handknit Holidays, I googled around for finished votive sleeves until I learned that they’re just pieces of garter-stitched wire seamed back together. A trip to Big Box Craft Store for a ton of beads and some abusable needles, and I was in business.

I wanted the wire and beads to let the light from the candles through, and I think the thinner wire, large gauge, and the mostly clear/translucent beads accomplish that. I also like the way the varying sizes of beads add a little extra visual interest.

Each votive sleeve took about 8 yards of wire and 200 beads. I really couldn’t tell you much about the beads I used. Most of them are regular ol’ glass spacer beads that come several hundred to a bag, and then there are a bunch of cracked glass beads, flower/leaf beads, and a random mumbo-jumbo of other medium-sized beads.

I didn’t do anything special to make the sleeves fit the trapezoid; I just pinched and pulled at the finished sleeve until it fit neatly around the votive holder.

Each set of two is for a friend; most of them are already winging their way across the country (and in one case to Canada) to their respective destinations. And now that I’m done, I STILL have Grumperina envy because I didn’t make any to keep for myself!

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  1. Tania A says:

    Oh, I’m jealous! They’re just beautiful! And now I have a reason to buy that book! Just because I’m on a ‘no yarn’-a-thon doesn’t mean I can’t buy books!

  2. Elenita says:

    Sending you a proper thank you note is on my List of Things to Do Before School Starts, but I got mine a few days ago and they’re absolutely gorgeous–much more beautiful even than in the photos. And mine are that lovely blue color I love so much, so major props to you! Definitely make some for yourself soon, sis. I love mine so much that it’s sad to know you don’t have any of your own.